Sales Process

How does one apply for membership?

  • A membership application must be submitted.
  • Background check and approval process in 10 days.

Once approved, what are next steps?

  • Membership must be paid with financing available.
  • First quarter dues must be paid in full.

How much is membership/annual dues?

  • Membership to the club is $400,000.
  • Current annual dues can be provided by the Club’s property manager.

Is financing available?

  • $200,000 is available at 7% interest, note is due December 30th 2027, interest only until paid or due.

Is this a timeshare or fractional ownership?

  • No, this is a membership similar to joining a golf club.

Who owns the property?

  • The property is owned by Maison Residence 2 LLC which is managed by the Heaton Family Trust. 

How many memberships are available?

  • The club will offer up to 52 memberships.

What happens if the Club does not sell out?

  • The sponsor owns the balance of the weeks.

What do I receive when I become a member?

  • Member will receive a membership certification and member number.
  • Member log in to website and portal.

What Does it Mean to be a member?

What do I get for being a member?

  • A member will receive four weeks of use of a 4-bedroom/4.5-bath luxury condo in The Maison Residences community in Islamorada mile marker 80.6.
  • The club will have exclusive use which consist of 4 luxury residences. The four all have the same floor plan but different décor and bed types. 

How do I pick my weeks?

  • During the first year of the club, all four weeks will be chosen once membership is paid.
  • Year two selections will be made in September based on when your membership was initiated.  
  • Once memberships are sold out, the club will go to reservation rotation discussed in membership contract.

What do I have access to as a member?

  • Member will have access to water sports, fishing gear, bicycles, and a boat from the club fleet.
  • Community amenities (beach, pool, fishing pier, Summer Kitchen ad fire pit)

Can I use the amenities when I’m not
using the condo?

  • Club amenities are only available to members while using their selected weeks.


What other type of amenities does the club offer?

  • The club offers a full slate of amenities from third party vendors but may require an additional fee.  


What if I don’t want to use my week or weeks?

  • Weeks can be rented to the general public for a 10% administrative fee plus going industry commission rates.


Can I trade weeks with other members?

  • Yes, weeks can be traded with other members.
  • Prior to the membership selling out, additional weeks can be reserved at a 50% discount off the rack rate. 


What do the monthly dues cover?

  • Monthly dues cover all the operational cost per our annual budget.
  • The annual budget is presented to members in November for following year.


What if I no longer want to be a member?

  • Memberships can be sold at any time either by presenting a buyer to the club or requesting the club to sell the membership.


What can the membership be sold for?

  • Memberships can be sold at market value.


If the 4 residences in building two are sold, who gets the money?

  • 100% net proceeds to members until their initial membership costs are paid back. Any net funds beyond the original membership costs are shared 50:50 with members Pro rata and sponsor.


Do other owners on the property have access to the Club’s amenities or service?

  • No, the other owners have access to the common areas.


What are total number of guests that may stay in the unit?

  • 10


Is there a Board made up of members? 

  • Yes


What insurance is carried by the property? 

  • All


What year was the property built?

  • 2021




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